Weglot x Fiji2

This is a demo website created using Fiji2 - Minimalist WordPress Theme and Weglot Translation Plugin. Fiji2 was used for design purpose and Weglot to easily translate the website content. The goal of this website is to let you try the association of both plugin and theme. Feel free to use the language switcher button on the bottom right side of the website at any time for a full immersion.

The most rated translation plugin


A perfect combination

Providing a powerful and light translation tool, Weglot is the most rated plugin on WordPress (trusted by 50,000+ website owners).

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Mulitlingual SEO

Weglot automatically adds hreflang tags, dedicated URLs, and translates your source code.

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Compatible with every WordPress Theme & Plugin

Don't change the way you work, Weglot integrates seamlessly in your Fiji2 WordPress website and with all the plugins you use.

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Why you should use Weglot with your Fiji2 themed website

Enlight your creation.

Fiji 2 provides you with a simple way to create a beautiful website. You'll have access to a pre-installed page builder and multiple templates to ease your WordPress website creation. You'll then be able to make your content available to various audiences in multiple languages with Weglot.

SEO optimized

Weglot provides you with the most efficient SEO optimized translation tool, following Google best multilingual SEO practices. Combined with Fiji2 pre-built SEO theme, you'll be able to have a strong SEO presence on the web.

No coding required

There is no need for any coding skills in both plugin and theme.